Glassbreak Sensor

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The Wireless ShatterPro™ series, which is ideal for applications where hardwired acoustic sensors are impractical, listens for actual patterns of breaking glass using Pattern Recognition Technology.™ These sensors feature a 20-ft. (6 m) range from sensor to glass. The sensor is suitable for use in quiet occupied areas on the perimeter loop.For OEM applications, the sensor’s low-profile housing accepts most wireless transmitters inside the back box. Each sensor also ships with a mounting bracket that will hold larger transmitters. The NX-488 or 60-873-95 are recommended if you prefer a turn-key wireless acoustic sensor for use with Interlogix panels (see ordering). A simple hand clap feature lets the user confirm that the sensor is operational, or a handheld tester can be activated at close range.

Standard Features

• 20-ft. (6 m) radius range and 360° coverage pattern protects an entire room with one sensor
• Factory-set sensitivity for safer installation
• Test sensor operation with a hand clap
• Includes mounting bracket
• Recognizes actual pattern of breaking glass across the full audio band

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