Image Sensor

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The Interlogix Image Sensor represents an innovative advancement that combines a Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor, an integrated still camera, wireless communication and Interactive Services. Designed to deliver better security through visual verification of alarms, this sensor helps
increase engagement through on-demand property views.ETL certified and battery operated, the Image Sensor communicates with Interlogix security control panels and can be swapped for standard motion sensors for increased end user value and higher RMR. Integrated with’s Interactive Services, images are easily accessible. All uploaded images are viewable on the Customer Web site or through mobile apps for added convenience. Users can even receive images via
text or email alerts whenever an image is uploaded—either from an alarm event or if requested on-demand.Compatible with Simon XT™ panels (version 1.3 and up), the Image Sensor requires an module (version 146 and up) with an attached Image Sensor daughterboard.

Standard Features

• ETL certified for UL 639
• 35′x 40′detection coverage area
• Remotely configurable PIR sensitivity, such as Pet Immunity
• Easy installation, no broadband or router configuration
• Tamper detection and walk test mode
• Color images
• Night vision, IR illumination
• Wireless image transmission to via cellular networks

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