Smoke/Heat Sensor

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ITI Rate-of-Rise and Fixed Temperature Heat Detectors offer an effective fire safety solution for environments with high likelihood of rapid fire development, or where optical smoke detectors cannot be used due to high dust conditions. These detectors are designed to monitor the room temperature and activate the alarm if the temperature gets too high or increases rapidly. With rate-of-rise heat detectors, a temperature increase at the sensor of 15°F (9°C) or more per minute activates the rate-of-rise feature. This closes the contacts in the sensor to transmit the alarm condition to the alarm control panel. When the rate-of-rise element alone has been activated, the sensor is self-restoring.With combination rate-of-rise and fixed temperature detectors, the fixed temperature element is activated when the temperature of the center disk rises to the sensor’s rated temperature. This closes contacts in the sensor and transmits an alarm condition to the fire alarm control panel. The fixed temperature element is non-restorable and, when activated, the detector must be replaced. The need for replacement is indicated when the center disk has popped away from the detector.When selecting the location on the ceiling for the heat sensor, do not locate it in direct path of hot or cold airflow. Refer to the detector specifications for the recommended maximum spacing. Earlier detector response may be obtained by reducing the spacing between detectors.

Standard Features

• UL listed for highest standards of performance and reliability
• Wireless design communicates with all learn-mode panels
• Ideal for environments with high dust or likelihood of rapid fire development
• 15°F (9°C)/min rate-of-rise rating
• 135°F/194°F UL temp. rating
• 100°F/150°F UL max. ambient ceiling temp. rating
• Provides detection for up to 2500 sq. ft.
• Easy installation

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