About Josh

Hello there! I’m Josh, a digital design-focused electrical engineer and an enthusiastic fan of smart home technologies. As you might have guessed, electronics are my thing.

My initial encounter with smart home tech was while I was getting my engineering degree. This was around when Zigbee and Z-wave were hitting the market, and electric utilities were looking to incorporate them into their meters.

Joshs Gadgets

I began to see the remarkable possibilities that could happen with some ingenuity and a little programming. It got me thinking about what tech giants like Google or Apple could achieve! And Amazon? They weren’t even seen as a tech company back then!

Fast forward to now, we’ve got Amazon Alexa, Google Voice Assistant, and Apple’s Siri. We can now control virtually anything in our homes with just our voice!

And now we have AI! Artificial Intelligence is all the hype right now, it seems.

My aspiration is to share with you the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years and continue to amass.

In this journey, I’ve garnered a wealth of information but realized I needed to delve deeper and research certain aspects related to this fascinating technology. I figured there must be others like me, so I decided to share my ongoing learning experiences through posts on this site.