The beginning of Expert Home Automation started when I observed a glaring issue with the subpar quality of online tech troubleshooting content.

I was struck by the poor writing and always perplexing instructions, which gave the impression that the author lacked any genuine experience resolving the problem at hand!

I was certain that more useful and more accurate solutions could be created for these technology-related problems. This confidence is what led to the establishment of Expert Home Automation.

I am an electrical engineer by trade so you could say that I have dedicated my life to the technology industry, providing support for some of the most renowned products globally.

My profound understanding of technology operations and my adeptness at identifying and rectifying malfunctions are a few of my strengths!

Our Purpose

The top objective of Expert Home Automation is to assist individuals in overcoming their daily tech-related hurdles. We deliver a comprehensive collection of instructional articles on troubleshooting and smart home guides.

Our aspiration is to be of assistance to ordinary, non-tech-savvy individuals in fixing their malfunctioning gadgets and restoring their functionality.

We endeavor to serve as the approachable, reliable, and expert source of information for those who interact with technology (and who doesn’t these days?) and expect it just “to work”.

In situations when your tech doesn’t work, and you just need a solution to fix the issue and go on with your day, we are here to help.

Content Standards

Before we publish any content, our professional editors rigorously examine it to ensure it aligns with our stringent criteria. These editors scrutinize aspects such as readability, formatting, spelling and grammar, and quality of photos and screenshots, among others.

Our how-to guides and additional supportive materials are crafted and regularly updated by technology experts. To ensure each procedure, regardless of its technical complexity, is as comprehensible as possible, we adhere to detailed style guides that we’ve honed over time.

We strive to be concise and clear, using straightforward language.

Should you encounter an article that you believe requires enhancements, we encourage you to reach out to us at [email protected] with your suggestions.